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Niban Niban Niban Niban


CODE: 10311120003



33×36.5×27 cm

Wood (Front: Zelkova wood, Inside: Paulowina wood), Laquer paint, Iron (metal fittings)

Niban Produced by Monmatansu Sendai Tansu Maker A well-established business starting from the 5th year of the Meiji era 1872 Monmatansu has been Sendai s Miyagi prefecture one and only manufacturer of traditional Sendai Tansu a chest of drawers for 140 years Even while other traditional makers shifted


Produced by Monmatansu (Sendai Tansu Maker)

A well-established business starting from the 5th year of the Meiji era (1872), Monmatansu has been Sendai's (Miyagi prefecture) one and only manufacturer of traditional Sendai Tansu (a chest of drawers) for 140 years. Even while other traditional makers shifted from Japanese to Western-style furniture after the Second World War, Monmatansu stubbornly kept on producing Sendai Tansu with experienced craftsmanship and a strong passion. The great joiner master, Susumu Fukui, who is on the video, has been working at Monmatansu for more than 60 years since he was 15 years old, and he and other craftsmen lacquer smiths and black smiths are deeply engaged in handing down the skills of Sendai Tansu to young artists.

Delivery Record

Monmaya has experience of deliver "Niban" model to Shigeo Nagashima a former Japanese professional baseball player and manager who recently awarded People's Honour Award on 5, May, 2013 and Saburo Kawabuchi a former Japanese football player and Head coach for Japan national football team who founded the Japan Professional Soccer League.


•    For everyday use, please gently wipe the inside of the drawers before use. It may still have sawdust in the drawers.
•    Please use a soft cloth when you wipe the surface. Please avoid getting it wet and keep the surface dry.
•    Please do not scrub the surface.
•    The metal parts have been coated with a rustproof treatment, however please avoid getting it damp or covered in dust.
•    This Sendai Tansu is coated with lacquer material, when the product is brand new it may cause a rash. If you have any trouble with lacquer, please seek medical advice.
•    As the lacquer coating will became hardened gradually, please avoid getting alcohol products on the surface. It causes discoloration of the surface. If you spill any on the surface, please wipe it off quickly.
•    Please avoid spilling hot water, or put any hot materials, on the surface. It causes discoloration.
•    It is a feature of the lacquer used that the coating gradually changes over a long period of time, thus if you put something on the surface for the long term, a difference of shading may occur.
•    Please avoid direct sunlight, heat, and do not use in hot and humid conditions. It may cause discoloring or cracking.
•    Please do not use any commercial cleaner or polish products. It may damage the lacquer coated surface.


We offer a make to order system. We are very sorry but It normally takes 1 to 2months to make this Tansu. We hope you will understand the situation.

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