Nousaku Wind Bell

Established in 1916 as a Buddhist ornament manufacturer in Takaoka, Nosaku is one of the leading innovators of Takaoka’s metal casting industry, developing products like medical equipment and tableware.

They are also known as the innovators of pure tin products – what began as fulfilling an order from a customer for a unique and original tableware eventually turned them into a large producer of cast products in Takaoka.


Because brass could not be used for cups due to the Food Sanitation Law, they turned to tin; but tableware made of tin alloy already existed at the time. With an ambition to develop something completely new, the designer in charge, Makoto Koizumi, suggested using pure tin, whose characteristic softness gave the product its uniqueness. The product, named “Tincry” after the noise it makes when it is bent, became a huge hit and created a new stream of casting.


Many of their popular line of products are often alternatives to the standard perspective, made in collaboration with great designers or made with a combination of traditional skills and current needs. Reflected perfectly in their name, Nosaku (which is the family name of the owner) continues producing (“saku”) fine (“no”) works. 

Wind Bell -Marumaru


Wind Bell -Onion


Wind Bell-Slim


Wind Bell -Wing


Wind Bell -pin


Wind Bell -rin