Bonsai Replica


The product concept is to provide Japanese "BONSAI" to the world as "interior decorations."More and more people are enjoying BONSAI throughout the world, but there are some problems with having BONSAI such as considerable care requirements and quarantine regulations on exports. has developed an original product "Bonsai Replica" as an interior decoration to enjoy beautiful BONSAI with Japanese atmosphere.There are mainly two types. One is "Reproduction".We select well-known and beautiful BONSAI and create a master copy without touching it by 3D scanning and printing. Then we create a mold from the master copy and form the shape. The materials used include FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics), silicon, polyester and so on. A molding professional finalizes the BONSAI replica as finely as a real one. We will create various new "Bonsai Replica" and develop them as a collection in the future.
The other type is "Original". This Bonsai Replica is extremely effective as a presentation in parts of hotels and restaurants. We will custom-make it to fit your space preferences. The "Bonsai Replica" has no need for any special care so there will be no maintenance cost. We hope you will enjoy the presentation of the Bonsai Replica.

Bonsai life-size replica black pine


Bonsai life-size replica maple red


Bonsai life-size replica maple green


Bonsai life-size replica maple yellow