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Edo kiriko sake bottle tokkuri pink

CODE: 10412010002



12×8×8 cm

It will take 2-3 weeks

100% Crystal Glass

Edo kiriko sake bottle tokkuri pink Edo Kiriko sake Tokkuri bottle colour pink This Edo kiriko tokkuri bottle suits for serving Japanese cold sake This tokkuri bottle had a Kikukagome pattern This pattern is combination of two traditional edo kirko pattern Kikutsunagi and Kagome pattern Kikutsunagi is literally chrysanthemum


Edo Kiriko sake Tokkuri bottle colour: pink

This Edo kiriko tokkuri bottle suits for serving Japanese cold sake. This tokkuri bottle had a "Kikukagome" pattern. This pattern is combination of two traditional edo kirko pattern "Kikutsunagi" and "Kagome" pattern. "Kikutsunagi" is literally chrysanthemum pattern, "Kagome" is lettice pattern.

Yoshiro Kobayashi: The third generation owner of Kobayashi Glass

kobayashi_edokiriko.jpgYoshiro Kobayashi was born in Koutou-ku, Tokyo. After graduating from Meiji University, He took up the study of glassware under the direction of his father, Hideo, who was awarded with a medal and the title “Contemporary Master Craftsman.” Yoshiro Kobayashi followed in his father’s footsteps in 1973 and he took over as the third generation owner of Kobayashi Glass. Kobayashi Glass was established in 1908 by the founder, Kikuichiro who studied under Tokumatsu Ohashi, a pioneer of Edo Kiriko, however, because of the war Kikuichiro moved to Nagano prefecture. After the war, he restarted Edo Kiriko in Koutoku-ku, Tokyo with his eldest son Hideo who had just come back from the war and this is the beginning of Kobayashi Glass’s history. In 1981, Yoshiro Kobayashi won a prize in the Japan Traditional Crafts New Work Exhibition. Yoshiro Kobayashi has won numerous awards such as the 30th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition Honorable Mention Award in 1983. In 2005, he was certified as an “Edo Kiriko traditional craftsman” by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. He was also designated an intangible cultural asset by the local government of Koutou-ku, Tokyo in 2009. Now, he is the Board Chairman of the Tokyo Cut Glass Industry Cooperative. Currently, Yoshiro’s son Kouhei has been undergoing training since graduating and he is working hard to create excellent work just like his master Yoshiro.

More detail of Yoshiro Kobayashi


• Please wash with dishwashing liquid with the utmost care.
• Please wash with soft whisk or soft toothbrush when you wash difficult or unreachable areas.
• Please do not use dishwasher.
• Please do not use in a microwave or oven.
• Do not pour boiled water, the glass may crack or break due to the rapid temperature change.
• Please avoid hitting against hard materials or the edge/corner of solid materials.
• If there are persistent stains on the glass, try to use hemp and wipe out with salt and vinegar.
• Dry the glass well otherwise it may cause water stain.
• If you put one glass one of another, please put a clean cloth in between each of them to protect from scratches.
• Please sink tumbler glasses into warm water, and then twist and pull gently if the glasses are stuck or tight and hard to pull apart.
• Please clink one’s glasses gently if you use for a toast.


We take "Make to Order System" for this product. Because Edo Kirikos are all  handmade he makes for you one by one. Thank you for your understanding.

It will take 2-3weeks to make a shipping.

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Parcels are taken in charge of by the Japanese post in Tokyo, and delivered by you national Post service. Japan Post offer Express Mail Shipping (EMS)

Express Mail Shipping (EMS) :
A fast delivery usually within 4 to 6 working days in Europe and North America.
EMS is insured: in case of loss or damage, up to 20,000 yen will be reimbursed. You can track your parcel on the EMS website with the tracking number included in the shipping confirmation. Please note that working days do not include Weekends or Public Holidays.

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