Japanese crafts are made by many materials. We sorted by materials to make it easier to find if you looking for by materials. 

daruma kite mini
Shofuku Daruma Kite mini


Imabari Mufller 70 original colours
Imabari Muffler 70 original


SIWA coin purse blue
SIWA coin purse


SIWA box 9x9 brown
SIWA box size: 9x9


Koishiwara pottery pot -white


SIWA business card case black
SIWA business card case


SIWA box 13x13 brown
SIWA box size: 13x13


SIWA business card yellow and gray
SIWA business card case / Yellow x Gray ...


SIWA pouch small dark green
SIWA pouch small


Koishiwara pottery cup -white


Koishiwara pottery cup -light brown


Chopstick Rest -Sakura Spring