Takeda Brush

The World’s Best Makeup Brush

The World’s Best Makeup Brush Takeda’s makeup brushes are so soft and smooth that they almost feel like a magic touch. The beautiful brushes are handcrafted one by one by specialists with extensive experience in selecting the finest hair for crafting brush tools – from the finest eyeliner brushes to thick face brushes – for the lightest touch on your face to help you put on the most glamorous of makeup.

Takeda Brush was founded in 1947 in Kumano in Hiroshima prefecture, which is known for its calligraphy brush industry. The founder, who was not a native of Kumano, wanted to start a business that no one else was doing, and decided on a makeup brush company tapping on the skills of traditional calligraphy brush-making. Since these makeup brushes were not commonly used inside Japan (Takeda Brush is one of the first companies to trade “makeup brushes”), most of the finished products were exported to Europe and the United States from the 50s on. The combination of cheap labor in post-war Japan and excellent skills of the craftsmen produced good quality makeup brushes at a reasonable cost, resulting in its great success in sales overseas: more they made, more they sold.

Then Japanese economy was given a boost. With increasing labor cost and Nixon Shock in the US, the company had to make a decision to either make cheaper brushes or to keep making good quality ones for the domestic market despite the increasing price. They chose the latter. In order to compete in the world market, the experienced craftsmen eagerly collected information for further innovation; “good quality” was not enough. Slide-out makeup brushes – what is now a world standard design for portable brushes – was their first (but not last) invention with a company in West Germany in the 80s that outdid other brushes. The slim body lip brush is another one of their original design that has become a global standard; the body was slimmed down to the limit while keeping the hair thick – the design charmed and won a deal with Chanel USA. Incorporating traditional European skills into the Japanese ones, their original techniques improved the quality of their fine products, resulting in their use in Paris Collection in 2006 and 2009 seasons as well as achieving an outstanding popularity amongst Japanese customers – their face wash brush once had a one-year waiting list. Tradition and innovation, and definitely quality makeup, made Takeda’s brushes irresistible.



Kumano is a plateau basin about 300km west of Osaka. The quiet farming community began dealing in brushes and inkstone from Nara during the farming off-season in 1800s; they later summoned craftsmen from around the region or sent out young men to learn the skills to make brushes of their own. Today, the town houses the country’s largest brush industry – out of a population of 25,000, 1,500 are brush-makers manufacturing 80% of the country’s calligraphy, paint and makeup brushes. While Kumano is definitely one of the most famous towns for brushes, the change in lifestyle meant that the main product is shifting from calligraphy brushes to makeup and paint brushes. The Kumano Sakakiyama Shrine in the town center has a monument to brushes where people can show their gratitude to this humble tool.

Materials and Skills

The brush is fully hand-crafted by experienced specialists at Takeda Brush. “It is important to have someone who knows the quality of hair when making quality of brushes”, says Kuninori Takeda, manager of original brand sales. Their careful selection of the hair used for brushes is so great that a substantial amount of it needs to be discarded to make one brush. The hairs used for their brush, mostly imported from the mid-northern region of China, are longer than the average brush for a better hold at the base which reduces the loss of hair; their confidence is reflected in the 5-year warranty.

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Since traditional Japanese brushes are made to be used with water-based materials, Takeda Brush bases their make-up brush making technique on the European brushes while adding delicate care and skills of Japanese craftsmanship to make their brush unique and original. In order to maximize the use of their fine brush, they provide consultation and communication with their customers as much as possible.

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The tip of the hair is left untouched to take advantage of its natural shape, so the brush forms a point at the tip, which is better for picking up powder particles and applying them on the skin without putting on extra pressure. The uncut hair tip also means a feather-like touch on the skin while retaining flexible ductility. The softness is also achieved by flexible selection and proper treatment of hair suitable for each type of brush rather than setting a fixed criteria and procedures. The miraculous touch with outstanding functionality makes Takeda’s brush best in its own kind in the world.

Natural Hair Make up Brushes Starter Set Basic "Tsubaki"

Natural Hair Make up Brushes Starter Set Basic "Tsubaki"

Natural Hair Make up Brushes Basic Set "Tsubaki"

Natural Hair Make up Brushes Basic Set "Tsubaki"

Natural Hair Make up Brushes Full brush Set Othodox "Tsubaki"

Natural Hair Make up Brushes Full brush Set Othodox "Tsubaki"