SIWA Paper Goods

The simple and stylish pouches and bags are the fruits of world-renowned designer, Naoto Fukazawa, who was inspired by his hometown’s traditional papers enough to transform them into “materials that suit the current fashion and lifestyle which can be made into products accentuating their warmth and familiarity.” The name “SIWA” is a pun on the Japanese word for ‘wrinkle’ (shiwa) and traditional paper (washi), representing the unique characteristics added to the products as they are being used and also to reverse the common ideas on the material. Understandably, their stylish products with the charming yet unassuming material prove to be popular in Japan and around the world.                                                           more detail please visit brand page SIWA

SIWA passport case black
SIWA passport case


SIWA long wallet dark brown
SIWA long wallet


SIWA briefcase dark blue
SIWA briefcase


SIWA business card case black
SIWA business card case


SIWA wallet dark green
SIWA wallet


SIWA square pouch yellow and gray
SIWA square pouch /Yellow x Gray limited...


SIWA tote bag S brown
SIWA tote bag size: S


SIWA cushioned case 33x22 blue
SIWA cushioned case size: 33x22


SIWA pouch small dark green
SIWA pouch small


SIWA pouch blue
SIWA pouch


SIWA coin purse blue
SIWA coin purse


SIWA box 9x9 brown
SIWA box size: 9x9