Imabari Towel Mufflers & Scarves

Miyazaki towel inc.

Miyazaki towel Inc. is a towel maker, one of the oldest makers, established in 1894 at Imabari city. The founder Gisaburo Miyazaki is a childhood friend of Shichisaburo Yano who brought flannelette into Imabari. So Gisaburo is one of the members of Shichisaburo’s activity and he also gave a life to Imabari towel industry. Today Miyazaki Towel continues founder’s passion and tradition; they only use natural materials to make towels and not going to be a mass production industry. After World War Two, current manager, Yohei Miyazaki’s grandfather went into full-scale towel production. In 1980’s they started incorporate Cuprammonium Rayoninto towel making faster than other towel maker, made indigo dyeing towel and made organic cotton towel for the first time in Japan. In 1990’s, they used to make towels for famous designers brand as OEM, however, they shifted to make original products. Current manager’s father was inspired by a story when the towel import to Japan. At that time, towel was a luxury item so Japanese people use as a scarf. So Yohei’s father produced a scarf made by towel material with three years market research to 40’s to 60’s Japanese ladies. It became a hit but he did not hold a monopoly, he shared the idea to other towel makers for development of Imabari towel industry. Now Yohei is challenging to maintain a distinctive character and making a difference from others as a pioneer of towel scarf maker. So they start to use Superior Pima cotton to make the scarf and rename to “Imabari Muffler” for let it be known that Imabari city is famous for making towels.Imabari city is located in the north of Ehime prefecture on Shikoku (one of the four main islands of Japan located south of Honshu and east of the island of Kyushu) and famous city for leading producer of towel in Japan. This city holds a share of more than 60% of domestic towel production. Imabari city has been producing for over 110 years.

imabari muffler
Imabari Mufller 70 original colours
Imabari Muffler 70 original