Water repellent furoshiki -goldfish- wrapping
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Water repellent furoshiki -goldfish- wrapping Water Repellent Furoshiki -Goldfish Water Repellent Furoshiki -Goldfish Water Repellent Furoshiki -Goldfish Water Repellent Furoshiki -Goldfish

Water Repellent Furoshiki -Goldfish

CODE: 10512050002



96×96 cm

100% Polyester

Water Repellent Furoshiki -Goldfish Water repellent furoshiki wrapping cloth can be hold 10 liter / 0.26gal. Fascinate functional new features eco-bag.


Goldfish swimming in the water call forth a cool breeze.
This familiar fish has been loved by the Japanese since the Edo-period (from 17th century to mid-19th century).


The wrapping cloth has evolved through this new Japanese technique.
The water-repellent treatment “dewelry”®used in the NAGARE(Asakura Senpu’s original brand) fabric is unique to Asakura Senpu, which was established in 1892.
The treatment is also used in Olympic swimwear, but was originally developed to be used for baby diaper covers.
Asakura Senpu continues to carry out research every day, demanding high quality and performance to withstand more than 50 washes and a manufacturing process that is both friendly to humans and the environment.
We introduce a new kind of wrapping cloth culture to the world, originating from Kiryu, home of the textile industry in Japan, which has flourished since long ago.
“Super water-repellent”(Super-Hydrophobe) refers to a high water repellency such that the "water droplet contact angle is greater than approximately 150 to the surface."
A normal water repellent water droplet contact angle is approx. 110° and the super water-repellent contact angle is approx. 160°. The larger the contact angle, the more the drop of water becomes spherical and easier to roll.
Super water-repellent principally uses the difference in surface tension between water and fluorine.
This is similar to the Teflon coating on a frying pan.
By adhering fluorocarbons to the filaments of the fabric one by one, we produce a fabric that repels water.
Thus, It is different to waterproofing that processed surface of woven material. So it keeps breathability and it doesn't make you sweat, so it can be used as a scarf or a shawl.
The super water-repellent treatment “dewelry”®, which is unique to Asakura Senpu, uses an eco-friendly water repellent that does not include the substance PFOA(Perfluorooctanoic acid).

The main feature of the super water-repellent treatment “dewelry”® is that the water repellency is highly durable to washing.
There are slight differences between the types of cloth fabric, but the water repellency will not reduce significantly, even after 50 washes.

In fact, it is extremely difficult to achieve high durability to washing using PFOA-free water repellent, but using Asakura Senpu’s vast experience and know-how, they are able to achieve both high water repellency and durability to washing.
This is something they are proud of.
*Greater than or equal to Grade 4 using the JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards) L 1092 water repellency test (spray method)


  • Do not add softener when you do the washing it. Otherwise you loose water repellency.
  • It is able to put water into it using as a bucket. The 96cm square cloth can hold about 10 liters of water. But the crêpe cloth leaks water almost immediately, so it cannot hold any water.
  • Please avoid pour boiled water into it. It is really dangerous.
  • It is able to use for seawater, however, please make sure to wash it as quickly as possible, otherwise salt residue will remain.
  • It also repel some oil, but please make sure to wash it as quickly as possible, otherwise oil will reduce the water repellency.
  • The water repellency will not reduce significantly, even after 50 washes, so it can be used to hold water over and over again. However, if the water is squeezed out, the thread of the fabric may stretch, making it easier for water to pass through and allowing water to leak.
  • If the cloth is washed and ironed, the texture of the fabric will return to normal.
  • The water repellency will return to normal by simply air-drying the cloth, but the thread might remain stretched, so washing and ironing is a better method.


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